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Are you studying Japanese at school? Maybe you have Japanese business partners or you into a Japanese sport or art? Whatever the case, you can increase your Japanese fluency with our easy step by step texts, explainer videos and online tutorial sessions outlined below in three easy steps. Join now, it's free.



Spend ten minutes and prepare for your tutorial to get the most out of it.

Each tutorial focus on how to say one part of Japanese speech, for example, being able to say 'I like it', or 'I don't like it.

Watch the accompanying explainer video that further explains the tutorial note by giving a clear example on how to use the Japanese.



Join our online tutorial with one of our fluent tutors.

During the 40 minute tutorial you will learn relevant vocabulary and practice speaking the Japanese structure.

By the end of the tutorial you will be able to competently use this language structure.

One of the keys to remembering is repetition. You are encouraged to repeat these phrases as much as possible.



Complete the exit ticket at the end of the tutorial. This will confirm for yourself that you've got this bit of Japanese 'down-pat'.

You'll discover what you've mastered and what requires another study session. Re-study only those bits and revise in another tutorial.

Our tutors will help you until the 'penny drops'. It takes practice and repetition to become fluent

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We offer the flat price of $30 a week that includes the tutorial notes, video and face 2 face session and quizz. This is half of what a home tutor charges.

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For those who are committed to improving your Japanese fluency, pay for the year in advance and save.

Remember this is an investment if you're a student. Want to beef up you're fluency because you work closely with Japanese businesses. Perhaps you a part of a Japanese sport or art club? Now is your chance to attain that fluency you always wanted to have.

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Improve your fluency, help with homework, assignment or brushing up on your business Japanese.

I like ramen私はラメンが好きです

Learn to say you like or don't like something in Japanese. Learn how to pose this as a negative question, 'you like it, don't you?

What clothes are these?どの服ですか

Learn the nouns you'll use in relation to articles of clothing in Japanese and apply what you know about colours in Japanese to describe them.

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Increase your fluency with Coach Me Japanese

Coach MeJapanese

Join now to improve you Japanese fluency so that you can pass those tests with flying colours and submit high calibre homework and assignments. Or brush up on your business Japanese to enable you to speak with your Japanese colleagues or teachers.