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  • Andrew,

    We had a fantastic holiday, in no small part due to your planning! The walk was excellent - truly excellent - and skiing and Tokyo were both also really enjoyable.  We had perfect weather - plenty of snow and sunny days for skiing, just enough snow to make the walk beautiful but not so cold as to be arduous.

    It was a wonderful trip.  We had very few navigation issues.  Even though my Japanese is lousy, it was very helpful and I think it would be quite difficult for a group without any Japanese (especially reading). 

    We have recommended the walk to everyone - most would need pretty strong guidance so I think your business will do well.


    Clark Butler

  • Dear Andrew

    Thank you so much from me too.

    Clark has captured all our feelings and joy at the walk. We felt quite adventurous in the conditions, untainted by any other multi-day walkers which we felt added to the authenticity of our experience.

    On the Ena Ryokan specifically - some of us felt there was way too much food, inconsistent with the marvellous restraint of the rest of the trip.

    As a whole our group could not have been more thrilled. A photo of the blokes attached.

    Do let us pay you for your care and precision.

    Kindest regards

    Louise Herron

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