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The Nakasendo

Experience an authentic Japan by walking the ancient Post Road between Kyoto and Tokyo

Essential Japan

Experience Japan's history and culture by visiting Japan's must see essentials attractions. This tour uses bullet train and buses, and suitable for anyone visiting Japan, particularly for the first time.

Japan is one of the safest countries to travel and offers an amazing array of experiences drawing on its rich culture. Walk through Japan's pristine natural environment, experience vibrant festivals, discover unique textiles and enjoy its healthy cuisine. Join one of our tours, or we'll collaborate with you to create a custom tour designed to meet your requirements.

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Japan Specialist

Why AJ Travel Bureau?

With a degree in Japanese from the Australian National University and five years living in Japan working for Japanese Prefectural Government as a translator and interpreter as well as private companies I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience about Japanese language and culture in organising and leading your exploration of Japan.

I work closely with Japanese inbound operators to bring you the best experience possible tailored to your budget. In my experience Japanese operators speaking to Japanese vendors creates the highest quality experiences - exactly what you deserve.

Having visited Japan since the early 90s I have had the good fortune to be welcomed into many dojos in Japan having reached expert level in iaido, Jodo and aikido and am a beginning student in kyudo. These experiences provide a deep contextual basis for understanding Japanese language and culture.

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