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Japanese Castle Towns on the Nakasendo

Joukamachi (literally “towns below castles”) were established around castles, particularly those that served as a daimyo’s (prefectural lord) political power base in the various han (or domains) that Japan was divided into during the Edo Period (1600 – 1868). 

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The Nanzenji Temple & the Kyoto Aqueduct

The Nanzenji is quintessentially Japanese, steeped in zen mysticism, a violent history, an 800 year old culinary style and the repository of priceless treasures. Explore Sanmon Gate, the temple grounds, gardens and the aqueduct - this is our first stop on the tour.

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Amazing food on our Nakasendo Tour

Everywhere you go in Japan there is one thing you will be unable to avoid - food. There is no shortage of wonderful food in Japan, you will be spoiled in the Japanese Inns by their wonderful cuisine. Following is a selection of food you will likely encounter on our tour.

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