About AJ Travel Bureau Pty Ltd.

AJ Travel Bureau (AJTB) is an independent Tour Operator specialising in travel services to Japan. AJTB strives to create unique tours and services in consultation with its clients which include English speaking businesses, sports clubs, cultural that include individual travellers, businesses, clubs and associations that interact with Japan. It is AJTB’s intention that the company’s products and services help to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation between Japanese and English speaking cultures.

An example of this is AJTB’s 2015 Seki Knife Tour where the company designed an itinerary in consultation with Australian blacksmiths and knife makers to experience Japan’s blade culture first hand. AJTB assisted tour members to interact with highly skilled and world renowned Japanese knife and sword makers. AJTB arranged a tour where customers could visit a blacksmith's forge, sword polisher, scabbard maker, local hardware stores Japanese sword shop and various other work places of Japanese artisans. Through AJTB the blacksmiths were able to have meaningful exchanges with these artisans and increase their area of expertise and interest.

AJTB can also provide unique tour experiences that provide an excellent introduction to authentic Japan. These enable small groups of travellers who have an interest in visiting Japan to experience its culture on a more in-depth level than the usual tourist. Try our hiking tour, walking the Nakasendo Way Walking Tour, the post route used in feudal times linking Kyoto with Tokyo. Or perhaps our city add-on tours for Kyoto and Tokyo.

AJ Travel Bureau also provides a range of travel services to Japan including:

  • Specialised tour services for business, including a complementary bilingual tour leader:
  • Tour packages for walking in Japan;
  • Shopping & Food Tours in Kyoto;
  • Shopping & Food Tours in Tokyo;
  • Cultural tours in Tokyo & Kyoto;
  • Assistance with accommodation, travel in Japan, and interpretation for sports groups such as kyudo, iaido and jodo for example;
  • Custom travel arrangements and advice for people wishing to travel Japan independently with some arrangements put in place;
  • For first time visitors here are some useful tips in relation to services to Japan you may find useful.

Why AJ Travel Bureau?

Andrew Thompson

The company name AJ Travel Bureau (short for Australia/Japan Travel Bureau) denotes our area of expertise and interest specialising in tours to Japan for westerners and to Australia for Japanese people. (It is also serendipitous that my initials are ‘AJ’).

I have a BA in Asian Studies from the Australian National University and extensive experience working and living in Japan for five years as a translator and interpreter. I also have a CIT Diploma of Tourism and extensive experience working in several key sectors of the travel industry in Australia and Japan, including the development and implementation of complex itineraries for up to 200 people at a time. Furthermore, I have 10 years experience as an administrator working in various Departments of the Australian Federal Government.

It seemed a logical step for me at some time to create a travel company where I could utilise skills acquired during my professional career to develop cultural experiences introducing Australians and Japanese to each other’s culture. The tours I create are unique with the aim of providing grass roots cultural insight into these two very different countries. Also, as a practitioner of several Japanese sports (including iaido, jodo, aikido and kyudo) it is my intention to assist in providing opportunities for western people to train in Japan and provide them with some valuable cultural experiences there.

Our Mission Statement

To provide cost-effective dedicated travel for recreational travellers, Japan-related sporting, cultural, arts groups, and to deepen bilateral personal, sporting and cultural understanding and appreciation.

Our Vision Statement

  • Create brand recognition;
  • High standard of customer service;
  • Value for money; and
  • Growing through new cultural tour experiences.

Our Values

AJ Travel Bureau is committed to:

  • Acting honestly, fairly and with integrity;
  • Friendly and professional tours;
  • Providing value for money;
  • Sharing the joy of travel in Japan;
  • Assisting sporting, cultural recreational and artistic clients to attain a greater understanding and appreciation of their chosen activity in Japan;
  • Leading small - medium sized group tours; and
  • Travelling safely.

Our Goals & Objectives

To provide friendly, professional support for travel arrangements for sporting or cultural groups visiting Japan to foster a deeper understanding of Australian and Japanese society and culture. AJ Travel Bureau takes ownership and responsibility for designing, arranging and leading small group tours to Japan from beginning to end. AJ Travel Bureau aims to inspire its clients through quality tours designed to provide unique experiences and insight into Japanese culture through the facilitation of the clients chosen sport, art or cultural activity. This is achieved through one great tour at a time.

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